Private Event Catering

Do you have a lot of people that want to smoke hookah at an event you’re hosting?  Book an appointment with us! We’ll cater to weddings, parties, private events, and more!

Small Parties (15 people or less)

$80.00 per hour and $15.00 per hookah


Large Parties (16 people or more)

$80.00 per hour $40.00 per hookah

Both packages include unlimited repacks available for all flavors!


***Duration of appointment can last until 2:00AM***

Local Business Catering

Keep your customers at your place of business longer! Allow us to cater hookah to your customers and we can work together to give them a night they won’t forget!


***Duration of appointment can last until close of your business***

Phoenix Hookah Services LLC

PhoenixHookahServices@gmail.com                (904) 257-6769